Members' page

Below you can find out how to help with our running costs, read about our private Facebook group and see what books are in our library.

Secret Facebook group

As well as our monthly meetups, we keep the discussion going in between with our secret Facebook group. We try to keep the membership just to people who have been to meetups, and close friends living in Yorkshire who are likely to come to meetups in the future.

Secret means that the only people who can see you're in the group are other people who are already in the group, which hopefully creates a safer environment for people who are not fully out about their relationship status to all their friends.

Unfortunately, with it being secret, we can't put a link to it here. To get access, please contact us with the email address you use to log into Facebook and we can add you. If you know someone in the group and you're friends with them on Facebook, they can also add you in.

We don't ourselves let people in until we've met them: the main reason for this is to try to avoid accidentally letting someone in who might not respect people's privacy.

O.P.E.N Library

We have a free lending library of books and resources to help with polyamory or relationships in general. You can borrow a book for up to a year as long as we know how to get hold of you to get it back!

See below for a list of the books that are currently in our library.

Please also see our note about the author Franklin Veaux.